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Due to my extensive experience on the client- as well as agency-side I can consult or advise you. That can for instance come in handy when you want to do communication research but do not have an in-house specialist.

Also when defining KPI’s or when selecting the most suitable agency for your research project I can assist as an external expert.

My clients have often mentioned that I am analytically strong, critical and flexible. Also for interim activities you can approach me.


Project management

Vorrink Intelligence offers customized services! I conduct your research or part of it (questionnaire design, interviewing or reporting & recommendations).

When conducting quantitative research I work with the agencies that offer the best quality-price ratio in the specific situation. In the case of qualitative research individual in-depth interviews, focus groups and online communities are conducted by me personally.

When necessary I work with experienced researchers in my network (this of course in consultation with you).



Communication research

A campaign or specific ad needs to be visible as well as effective.

When doing advertising research I always pay a lot of attention to the definition of the specific objectives that subsequently decide the research setup. The necessary research can be organized and managed by me.

I can advise about advertising optimization research, advertising evaluation research and usability research.

Product/services research

Qualitative research is well suited for in-depth evaluations of existing products or services.

In case of research questions about (potential) target groups quantitative research can be necessary.

The research results can for instance consist of:

  • suggestions for future versions of the product
  • profiles of users and/or potential users.

Image research

Image is the result of all the efforts made by a company, the products and/or services offered as well as the communication about them.

Based on image research Vorrink Intelligence can provide information about the different brands in the market. The research results provide clear input for your marketing strategy.

International research

In case of multicountry research Vorrink Intelligence can gladly handle the fieldwork in the Netherlands.

Also the management of research on a foreign location can be enthrusted to me.

I regularly and gladly work with foreign partners and easily switch between Dutch and English and back again.

About me

Marianne Vorrink

Marianne Vorrink

Independent market researcher

I have extensive experience in market research and Market Intelligence. My approach is pragmatic, agile and result oriented. Together with my clients I like to define the research setup that answers the fundamental questions and fits the clients’ organization. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out what it is that motivates people to make certain choices. 


Helping companies to understand their customers (even) better is what I like to do most. I strive to formulate research results so succinctly that the organization can easily use them to underpin decisions. These decisions can concern the adaptation of a product/ service, a change in the communication tools that are used or the approach of a new or broader target group.


On the customer side, at Philips, as well as on the agency side I was responsible for managing (inter)national research projects. This experience is now very useful in understanding and addressing the research questions of my clients. I have worked for a variety of clients with each their own wishes and way of working, thus gaining experience in:

  • Qualitative (in-depth interviews, online communities and focus groups) and Quantitative
  • Consumer and Business-to-Business
  • National and International (Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America)
  • Ad-hoc and Tracking
  • Different branches, mainly b-t-b and consumer services and durable consumer goods.

My clients


"The past years I have worked on very different research projects together with Marianne. Amongst other things she has helped us with the translation of a new strategy into a research-calendar, the start-up of a segmentation-project and moderation within several communities. Marianne works fast and thoroughly, is critical and does not use the method but the question as the starting-point."

Hanneke Theuws

Rode Kruis

"Marianne is a professional researcher who used internal data to create a thorough research design. She provided very useful consultative alignment. Not only is she very keen on delivering impactful outcomes but she also served as a great Sparring Partner throughout the project. The collaboration was therefore very flexible and tailored to the project’s ambitious timeline but also to customer needs and responses. The results helped to get a grip on issues that numbers cannot deliver and made us understand the market sentiment better."

Carolin Lerch


"Recently Marianne has helped us with a qualitative b-t-b research project. In a short span of time she has familiarized herself with the complex topic. This resulted in some good discussions during the project. The speed with which she processed the results and delivered the recommendations and her flexible approach were very much appreciated by me and my colleagues."

Erwin Sneiders

Royal FloraHolland

"Marianne has conducted in-depth interviews with general practitioners, analysed the results and translated them into clear and actionable insights. These insights have resulted in very concreet recommendations that the NVIC could use as a base for next steps. I can therefor wholeheartedly recommend Marianne based on her research qualities, analytical skills and the pleasant cooperation."

Nicole van der Eem, marktonderzoeker

UMC Utrecht

"At the Consumentenbond Marianne has helped me very well with important tracking research. She is analytically strong and quickly defines the essence. Marianne knows what the most important elements and conditions for strategic communication research should be. Due to her extensive network she also knows how to select the right partners. Marianne is critical towards the results delivered and also knows how to share these effectively with the different internal stakeholders."

Hans Verbeek


"We have executed several successful B2B research projects in the construction industry in The Netherlands and Belgium with the help of Vorrink Intelligence. Marianne’s professional attitude and demonstrated personal engagement with each project gave us the solid foundation we needed to be able to focus on analyzing the results and answering the client’s questions. Vorrink Intelligence has since become a preferred and trusted partner for qualitative work in the Dutch language region for many of my colleagues as well."

Vesela Nedkova  

GemSeek, Bulgarije

"The first time I worked with Marianne is when she tested the concepts of our first TV commercials. Marianne has analysed the results very professionally and has given very good and actionable advice. Since then I have asked Marianne to help us with several research projects. In addition to her extensive expertise she is highly critical, driven and analytical. Marianne has ensured that based on the information the right decisions were made for the organisation."

Albertien van der Hoeven


"Marianne is a thorough and reliable market researcher who can help get things done. She is quite critical and strives to find the best solution for a specific situation, in terms of research setup as well as implementation of the results."

Karin Hellema


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